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Legacy Products

The products in this section are no longer actively sold, promoted or recommended for use by CTC. In some cases items are available to support existing applications only. Newer products are available from CTC that offer equivalent or improved functionality as well as additional benefits. Product information is listed here solely for the reference of our existing customers who have already purchased and installed these products. In cases where the products are still available for sale they typically have longer lead times than our active products. Contact CTC customer service to determine the current status and availability of these items. Legacy products are not supported for sale into new applications.

A note on Legacy RMAs: In most cases CTC is able to offer repair services for legacy products, but such repairs are subject to component availability.

Model 2200 and 2600 controllers may be upgraded to currently available hardware, such as the 2600XM or 2700 series, usually with minimal changes to existing hardware modules and Quickstep applications. Refer to the Upgrade Paths for Model 2200 and Model 2600 Controllers guide for additional information.

Doc Name Doc. No.
Model 2200 controller  
Model 2200 XM Installation Guide  

2000 Series Modules

Model 2204 Installation Guide  
Model 2205 Installation Guide  
Model 2205 Stepping Motor Control Module Data Sheet  
Model 2213 Analog Input/Output Module Data Sheet  
Model 2216 Installation Guide  
Model 2216 Addendum to Installation Guide  

Model 2600 controller
Model 2600 Quick Reference Guide  

5000 Series Modules

5100-G Four ±20 mVDC Analog Inputs 513102
5100-J Four ±100 mVDC/Thermocouple Analog Inputs 513104
5100-K Two ±100 mVDC/Thermocouple Analog Inputs, Two ±10 VDC Analog Outputs 513002
5100-P Eight VDC Sinking Outputs 512101
5100-Q Two ±20 mVDC Analog Inputs, Two ±10 VDC Analog Outputs 513003
M1-21A Eight VDC Sinking Outputs 512102
M1-30B Two ±20 mVDC Analog Inputs, Two ±10 VDC Analog Outputs 513006
M1-30D Two ±100 mVDC/Thermocouple Analog Inputs, Two ±10 VDC Analog Outputs 513008
M1-31B Four ±20 mVDC Analog Inputs 513106
M1-31D Four ±100 mVDC/Thermocouple Analog Inputs 513108
M3-40E Differential-ended high-speed counter 534005
M3-40F 6 single-ended counters, 10 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs 534006
M3-60A DeviceNet and dual serial module 536001


CTCopc v1 Reference Guide  

User Interface
Model 4010 Text Display User Guide  
Model 4176 Dimensions  
QuickPanel brochure  
Model 4273T TouchScreen (Vendor Model 730T) Data sheet  
4200 Series Specifications  
MGT0-1030 3" Touchscreen Installation guide  
MGT1-1040 4" Touchscreen Installation guide  
MGT2-1050 5" Touchscreen Installation guide  
MGT3-2060 6" Touchscreen Installation guide  
MGT Panel & GTWIN Quick Start Guide  
CTC register to Modbus conversion table
for use with MGT-GTWIN software
MGT Specifications  
Model 4343 4.3" touchscreen  
Model 4343NE 4.3" touchscreen  
Model 4370 7.0" touchscreen  
Model 4370NE 7.0" touchscreen  
Model 43100 10.2" touchscreen  
Model 43100NE 10.2" touchscreen  
Model 43104 10.4" touchscreen  
Model 43104H 10.4" touchscreen  
Model 43121 12.1" touchscreen  
Model 43150 15.0" touchscreen