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Detailed explanations on the usage of CTC products can be found in the TechNotes below. TechNotes are prepared by CTC engineers.

If you need literature that is not listed below, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1.888.818.2600. Visit our FAQ page for answers to many of the questions addressed to CTC technical support.

TechNote No. TechNote Name Products
QuickStep 2 (QS2) Utility
16 Using the Real-Time-Clock Feature within 2700 Controllers 26xx, 27xx, 5xxx
QuickStep 2 (QS2) Programming
1 Fault handling for software faults — Models 5100 & 5200 controllers 26xx, 27xx, 51xx, 52xx
4 Calculating a Square Root - Example QuickStep Code 26xx, 27xx, 51xx, 52xx
6 Writing a basic Quickstep program 26xx, 27xx, 51xx, 52xx
QuickBuilder (QS4) Programming
18 QuickBuilder String Handling Example 53xx
19 Loading and Saving a Data Table to a 5300 Controller 53xx
36 QuickBuilder’s Expanded Features Make Programming Even Easier 53xx
37 Peer-to-Peer Communications with CTC’s Model 5300 Controller 53xx
3 Working with the input buffer for Serial and Ethernet Raw Socket ports
26xx, 27xx, 5xxx
8 Using a Data Table To Send An ASCII Character String 26xx, 27xx, 5xxx
10 Importing/Exporting CSV files between OPC Server2 and Excel 26xx, 27xx, 5xxx, OPC
13 Integration of WonderWare InTouch HMI and CTC OPCServer 26xx, 27xx, 5xxx, OPC
15 5300 Peer-to-Peer Communications 53xx
17 Setting 2217 Serial Port Parameters 2217
30 ASCII Message Transmitting with CTC Controllers 26xx, 27xx, 51xx, 52xx
32 Model 5100 TCP Slave and RTU Serial Server Configuration 51xx
42 Sending Email via Public Email Sites 53xx
45 Connecting to a Mitsubishi MR-JE-A Drive with Modbus RS-485 53xx
I/O Functions
20 Programmable Limit Switch Function 26xx, 27xx
21 Connecting an External 24 Volt Power Supply to a CTC Controller 26xx, 27xx
26 Reducing Noise Susceptibility 26xx, 27xx, 5xxx
29 Thinking About Safety 26xx, 27xx, 5xxx
22 Creating a PID Loop Using Quickstep 26xx, 27xx, 51xx, 52xx
2 Tuning a low-inertia system — Using the gain scaling register 26xx, 27xx, 51xx, 52xx
9 How to update Servo/Stepper firmware on a Blue Fusion Controller 51xx, 52xx
23 QuickMotion and Tuning Parameter Sets 53xx
28 Quadrature Encoders 2219
34 QuickBuilder / QuickMotion Homing Example 53xx
38 Using the CTC Model 5100 Optional High-Speed Inputs 51xx
39 Using the CTC Model 5200 Optional High-Speed Inputs 52xx
12 Blue Fusion 5300 Firmware Upgrade Procedure 53xx
14 Blue Fusion 5300 Series Module Firmware Upgrade Procedure 53xx
31 Updating Flash Memory 26xx, 27xx, 51xx
43 Upgrade Paths for Model 2200/2200XM Controllers 2200/2200XM
44 Upgrade Paths for Model 2600/2600XM Controllers 2600/2600XM
Data Logging
5 Data Logging on the Blue Fusion Model 5222 controller 52xx
33 5300 Data Logging 53xx
Web Server and CTCopc Server
7 Creating and loading web pages to the Model 5223 controller 52xx
40 Upgrade CTCopc User Licenses - Modify the Serial Number in Windows’ System Registry to Upgrade 26xx, 27xx, 5xxx
41 CTCopc v2.21B Product Update 26xx, 27xx, 5xxx
11 CTC EasyBuilder Quick Reference Guide 42xx HMIs
35 Configuring an Ethernet Connection Between a Blue Fusion Controller and an MMI43XX Touch Screen 43xx HMIs