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Model 2601 and MultiPro Automation Controllers

The Model 2601 and MultiPro™ controllers provide high performance and flexible configuration in a small footprint. Model 2601 specifications are immediately below; MultiPro specifications are further down the page.

Model 2601 Automation Controller

Model 2601 automation controller

High performance, small size

The 2601 programmable automation controller is a high performance control system whose small size conceals a range of resources and capabilities usually found only in much larger and more costly systems. A few of this controller's unusual features:

  • Multitasking, with up to 28 parallel tasks running simultaneously.
  • Fast State Language programming using Quickstep™.
  • 988 storage registers, including 500 non-volatile registers.
  • A Data Table capable of storing over 8000 numbers in a two-dimensional array.
  • Two RS-232 communications ports.
  • Internal counters which may be software-linked to any input.
These capabilities combine to allow you to build additional power into machines which in the past could not cost-justify a controller of this caliber. For example:
  • Run a diagnostic routine in parallel with your main program, catching problems before they occur.
  • Collect production data and communicate it to a computer, for logging or display.
  • Connect an operator interface to the serial port, and have full interactive control of machine parameters.
These are just a few of the ideas which can add value to your control application without adding significant cost.

Automation Kit

The 2601 is also available as an Automation Kit, designed to introduce you to CTC's family of products. The kit includes:
  • 2601 programmable automation controller
  • Quickstep for Windows SE
  • Distribution blocks and power supply cable
Quickstep for Windows SE is a special edition of Quickstep designed for the 2601 controller. Programs developed with Quickstep SE may be upgraded to run on the Model 5100 and 2700 controllers.



Absolute Maximum Ratings Min Typ Max
Applied power supply (VPS) 18 VDC 24 VDC 27 VDC
Applied output voltage - Note 2 0 VDC   VPS VDC
Output current      
Single output     500 mA DC
Total limit   5 A DC  
Current requirement (VPS = 24 V) 50 mA 100 mA 210 mA
User memory capacity     24K bytes
(10 year battery backed RAM)      
Input "off" voltage (Ii = 0 mA)   VPS VDC  
Input "on" current (Vi = 0 V with VPS = 24 V   -2.3 mA CD -3.00 mA DC
Input "on" current threshold (VPS = 24 V)   -1.3 mA DC -1.75 mA DC
Input "off" current (typical leakage allowed)     250 μA
Output "on" voltage (Io = 500 mA) 0.6 VDC 0.8 VDC 1.2 VDC
Output "off" leakage (applied V = 24 V) 0.01 μA DC   0.75 μA DC

Note 1. Under normal operation, no external input voltage should be applied — inputs should be externally switched to the input common.
Note 2. An onboard protection diode returns to +24 V from each output.
Note 3. All power requirements are worst case with all inputs and outputs activated.

Model 2601 DXF and other design files

MultiPro automation controller

MultiPro Automation Controller

The MultiPro™ family of programmable automation controllers provides the tools you need to master your machine control projects easily. The single integrated environment minimizes training, and dramatically reduces engineering time. Total machine control in one package combines:
  • high-performance multiprocessor design
  • intuitive program development with the Quickstep™ for Windows™ State Language
  • ... and an extensive complement of automation features for amazingly fast implementation!
Available in 13 preconfigured models, the MultiPro can be used for small applications requiring motion control, I/O, and user interface integration. Networking models are available; consult Model Selection table for details.


MultiPro - New CPU

Doc. Name Doc. Number
2644 MultiPro+MC
2645 MultiPro+ Dual Stepper
2646 MultiPro MC Dual Servo
2647 MultiPro+ Dual Servo
2647-1.5 MultiPro+ 1.5 Servo
2648 MultiPro 16 In/16 Out Dual Servo
2648IG- E
2649 MultiPro 32 In/32 Out Dual Servo
2650 MultiPro 32 I/O Quad Servo
2652 MultiPro 32 I/O Dual Stepper
Model 2654 MultiPro 32 I/O Quad Stepper
Model 2655 MultiPro 64 I/O Dual Stepper
MultiPro brochure

MultiPro - Original CPU

Doc. Name Doc. No-Revision
2644 MultiPro+MC
2645 MultiPro+™ Dual Stepper  
2646 MultiPro™ MC Dual Servo  
2647 MultiPro+™ Dual Servo  
2647-1.5 MultiPro+™ 1.5 Servo
2648 MultiPro™ 16 In/16 Out Dual Servo 2648IG-B
2649 MultiPro™ 32 In/32 Out Dual Servo
2650 MultiPro™ 32 I/O Quad Servo 2650IG-B
2652 MultiPro™ 32 I/O Dual Stepper
2654 MultiPro™ 32 I/O Quad Stepper
2655 MultiPro™ 64 I/O Dual Stepper