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Data Sheets

Doc. Name Doc. No.
5100 Series Programmable Automation Controllers 950-510001
5100 I/O modules:  
5100-A  Analog I/O Combo
Two ±10VDC Analog Inputs Two ±10VDC Analog Outputs
5100-B  Digital Input
Eight VDC Sourcing Inputs
5100-C  Digital Output
Eight VDC Sourcing Outputs
5100-D  Analog Output
Six ±10VDC Analog Outputs, Fully Isolated
5100-E  Analog Output
Eight ±10 VDC Analog Outputs
5100-F  Analog Input
Four ±10VDC Analog Inputs
5100-H  Analog Input
Four 4-20 mADC Analog Inputs
5100-I  Analog Input
2-Channel ±100mV Thermocouple
5100-L  Digital Input
Eight VDC Sinking Inputs
5100-M  Digital Input
Eight +5VDC Sourcing Inputs
5100-N  Digital Input
Eight +5VDC Sinking Inputs
5100-O  Digital Output
Eight +5VDC Sourcing Outputs
5100-R  Analog I/O Combo
Two 4-20 mADC Analog Inputs
Two ±10VDC Analog Outputs
5100-U  Digital Output
Eight +VS VDC Sinking Outputs

5100 motion modules:  
5100-SS  Dual Axis Servo Module
Two ±10 VDC Analog Servo Outputs
Two VDC Sourcing Registration Inputs
Two +5 VDC Diff-Ended Encoder Inputs
5100-TT  Dual Axis Stepper Module
Four +5 VDC Diff-Ended Step/Direction Outputs
Eight VDC Sourcing Inputs
Click on the Application Guides tab for the Servo and Stepper Applications Guides.

Application Guides

Doc. Name Doc. No.
5100 Applications Guide Set (ZIP file) 951-510010
Individual sections:  
Model 5100 Application Reference Guide 951-510008
Model 5100 Remote Administration Guide 951-510001
Model 5100 Communications Guide 951-510002
Model 5100 Script Language Guide 951-510003
Model 5100 'C' User Programming Guide 951-510004
Model 5100 Bootloader Installation Guide 951-510005
Model 5100 Quick Reference Guide 5100QRG Rev C
Model 5100/5200 Quick Reference Register Guide 951-520006
Model 5100 Analog Modules Application Guide 951-510007
NOTE:  Additional documents in this set are listed in the data sheets tab.

The following applications guides are not in the Applications Guide set and may be downloaded separately:
Module SS Dual Servo Applications Guide 5140AG-A
Module TT Dual Stepper Applications Guide 5150AG-A

General Specifications

5101 Programmable Automation Controller (Standard CPU, no encoder input)
5102 Programmable Automation Controller (Enhanced CPU with encoder input)

System Resources
  • 128K user memory
  • 500 volatile registers
  • 4500 non-volatile registers
  • 16000+ element data table
  • Real-time clock
  • 32-bit RISC CPU
Typical Performance Specifications
  • Sense input, jump to new step, change output in 0.2 msec
  • Change servo profile in 1.0 msec
  • Analog I/O update per channel 2.083 msec
Software Resources
  • 4096 program steps
  • Multitasking operating system
  • 84 simultaneous tasks
  • 8 linkable software counters - 750 Hz

Module Bays: 6 6
Inputs: 48 50
Outputs: 48 48
Analog Inputs: 12 12
Analog Outputs: 12 12
Servo/Stepper Axes: 4 4**
Ethernet Ports: 1 1
Master Encoders: 0 1
RS-232 Channels: 2 2

*not mutually inclusive
**full control for six axes of servo/stepper plus encoder input for a seventh axis
  • Up to 50 digital and analog I/O*
  • 16 PLS outputs. Actuation rate = 1 msec
  • Quadrature encoder input with 32-bit counter and 2 high-speed registration inputs
  • Integral pluggable terminal blocks eliminate bulky cables and breakout blocks
  • Up to 4 axes of servo/stepper*
  • Servo/stepper update rate: 50 μsec/axis
  • 6 MHz quadrature encoder feedback
  • Ethernet connectivity supports TCP/IP, UDP, Modbus/TCP; Web enabled control
  • Web standards supported include HTTP, XML, SOAP, RMI
  • Two RS-232 connectors at rates up to 38.4 Kbps
Protocols Supported
  • TCP/IP
  • HTTP
  • RMI
  • UDP
  • Modbus/IP server
  • Modbus/IP client
  • Peer-to-peer
  • FTP


Shown with mounting ear (Part No. 5180)
Dimensions are in inches(mm).

Model 5100 DXF and other design files