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QuickBuilder™ Automation Suite

QuickBuilder™ is CTC’s innovative graphical development environment built using the latest .NET technology. It combines all the aspects of an automation project into one easy to use desktop application. This holistic approach to solving automation projects leads to quicker machine startups and simpler ongoing maintenance.

Quickbuilder screen
  • Unified development environment
  • Simplified user interface
  • Improved project documentation
  • Integrated machine control
  • Security and audit features

Step editor

Once a step is highlighted in the Graphical SFC window, the actual instructions and logic for that step can be created and/or edited in the editing window. Here you have two options: for novice programmers there is an auto step editor that walks the user through the command selection and completion. The resulting code is inserted into the left side Code editor window. More experienced programmers can skip the Step editor and enter code directly into the Code editor window. Code entered in the Code window is checked for syntax as you type it.

Resource manager

All of the physical and logical attributes of the controller are contained in the Resource manager. Instead of burying this important information within the Project manager, QuickBuilder uses a dedicated window for resource management. This not only provides a clearer view of the project, it also significantly speeds program development. Using the menus and right click functionality, it’s easy to set up and configure controllers for the application.

Internal Project Documentation

Documentation files can be internally generated by QuickBuilder using features such as the auto report generator or the in-line documentation tool. There are several customizable reports built into QuickBuilder including the graphical view, the code listings, project notes, and resource cross reference lists. QuickBuilder reports have embedded hyperlinks that link to the referenced item, speeding the debug process. Additionally, externally generated files such as CAD drawings or text documents can be added to the project by dragging them from Windows Explorer into the documentation section of the Project manager. QuickBuilder allows the user to mark any or all of the documentation files as downloadable. Files marked as downloadable are saved into the controller’s memory, making them available for future upload or viewing. Sensitive documentation files may be encrypted using QuickBuilder’s 56-bit encryption technology.

Specialty Modules

Specialty modules for motion control, process diagnostics, and PID tuning are are available:

QuickMotion provides inituitive, high-performance motion control
QuickScope is a logging tool that records process values for analysis and diagnostic purposes
QuickBuilder PID is a PID tuning tool

QuickBuilder Documentation

Doc. Name Doc. No.
QuickBuilder™ Reference Guide 951-530020
QuickBuilder™ Quick Start Guide 951-530030
QuickBuilder PID Guide 951-530031
QuickScope™ User Guide 951-530032
Model 5300 QuickMotion Reference Guide 951-530017
Model 5300 QuickMotion Quick Start Guide 951-530018
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