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WebMon™ Web-based Configuration Software

WebMon Software enables you to access and edit hardware and system settings on Model 5200 and 5300 controllers over the Internet.  Simply type in an address for your controller and you can set up or reconfigure functions such as communications, downloads and uploads, or program control — all in a secure environment.  Below is a list of all the things you can do with WebMon:

Controller setup
Assign group and controller names
Ethernet network settings
Serial port settings
Configure real-time clock
Check hardware and firmware revisions
Monitor threads and memory usage
Set up users and passwords
Assign access rights
Create emails to be sent by controller
Manage email files
Controller email configuration
Program control
Controls Quickstep, scripts, and 'C' programs
Upload and download
Start and stop execution
Change active program
Disk and file management
Create and resize drive partitions
FTP file transfers
Upload and download files
Create and save multiple monitor windows
Display multiple monitor windows from one or more controllers
View and/or change resource values
Print monitor window display

Additional information on WebMon is available in the datasheet and User's Guide.