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Automation Controllers, Control Software and Touchscreens

CTC controllers can be used for water treatmentCTC has three main lines of products to make your automation run more efficiently, accurately, and reliably:
  • automation controllers
  • control software
  • touchscreens

Automation Controllers

Model 2700 and 5300 controllersWhether you require motion control, analog/digital control, or both, CTC's modular approach enables you to get the exact control resources you need in the smallest footprint and price.  Support for popular protocols such as Modbus TCP-IP and DeviceNet enable you to easily integrate other devices into one unified control strategy.

CTC's extensive family of controllers can handle applications of virtually any size, demands and unique requirements, at costs that will also meet your budget:

Control Software

CT webHMI web based HMI software displayCTC controllers all run on Quickstep, a patented state language that is both powerful and easy to learn.  Most CTC controllers run under Quickstep in its native form; Model 5300 controllers run under QuickBuilder, a more extensive automation software suite that includes Quickstep as its programming language.

CTC has web-based tools that enable you to access your controllers' configuration and operation. WebMon is a web-based program that enables you to set up or reconfigure your Model 5300. CT webHMI is a web-based graphical HMI that is served up directly from an embedded web server in the controller, providing read/write access to process variables via a web browser such as Internet Explorer. You can view the HMI screens from a standard desktop computer, or from CTC's industrial touchscreens.

See Control Software


CTC industrial touchscreens
CTC has two lines of industrial touchscreens, both of which have Ethernet connections and full-color graphics: