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Control Software

Programming Software:

QuickBuilder Automation Suite
QuickBuilder™ Automation Suite:  advanced graphical programming toolkit for Model 5300 controllers.  Integrates Quickstep for an easy learning path from other models of CTC controllers.

Quickstep State Language Programming
Quickstep™ State Language Programming:  a highly intuitive, easy to learn yet robust language used to program 2000 Series and Models 5100 and 5200 controllers.

HMI Software:

CT WebHMI™ Web Enabled HMI Software: Provides secure, real-time read/write access to process variables from a Java enabled web browser.

Easybuilder software
Easybuilder Software for Model 4300 and 4200 touchscreens: a full-color, graphical display builder for CTC's Model 4300 and 4200 touchscreens.

Remote Configuration and Diagnostics:

qMon software
qMon™ Remote Monitoring Software: Access hardware data from your CTC controller via an iPhone or iPad with this tool. Can be used to remotely monitor, configure or troubleshoot controllers.

WebMon software
WebMon™ Web Based Configuration Software: Access hardware profiles on your Model 5200 or 5300 controller via a browser with this tool. Can be used to remotely configure or troubleshoot controllers.

OPC Server Software:

OPC diagram
CTCopc™ OPC Server Software: an OPC compliant server application that provides high speed data interchange between OPC clients and CTC controllers.