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QuickScope™ Software

QuickScope screen capture
  • Capture rates as fast as 1ms/point
  • Each capture contains up to 64 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs, 8 user selectable resources
  • Scroll and zoom functions file
  • Import and export to Excel
  • Document capture in a pdf
  • Open multiple QuickScope instances
  • Select any controller on the network
  • Set triggers within QuickBuilder code
  • Y-scale value cursor
  • Dual X-scale measurement cursors
  • Auto detects all named resources in the active 5300 project

QuickBuilder incorporates a powerful analysis tool called QuickScope. The QuickScope tool gives developers and technicians an easy way to visualize the real-time operation of one or more Model 5300 controllers. QuickScope combines the features of a logic analyzer and oscilloscope into a single synchronized display, making it much simpler to monitor application performance or perform troubleshooting activities.

Using high-speed memory within the Model 5300 controller, QuickScope captures the state of 64 digital inputs and 64 digital outputs in the upper logic analyzer window and any 8 named resources (analog, variable, motion, etc) in the lower window. Items in the lower and upper windows are time synchronized. All designated items are logged at the capture rate which can be as fast as 1 ms. Once the data is captured, it is instantly plotted by QuickScope in full color. Data can be quickly analyzed using the zoom, scroll, and multiple cursor features.

To aid in documentation or for further analysis, QuickScope captured data can either be exported directly to Excel or the QuickScope traces can be published as a PDF document. QuickScope is built into QuickBuilder, CTC’s powerful graphical development environment.