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QuickBuilder PID control

  • Up to 256 PID loops per controller
  • 64-bit floating point precision used throughout
  • Table-driven setup
  • PID and PID (derivative) forms
  • Feed-forward
  • Integral anti-windup
  • Multiple limits and alarms
  • Individually settable loop rates
  • Programmable error deadband
  • Setpoint rate limit
  • Manual, automatic and cascade modes
  • Minimum loop time of 1 ms
  • Pop-up “property” intelligent prompting

QuickBuilder provides the user with several advanced functions to simplify common automation applications. Advanced functions like the PID control example below are implemented as embedded functions within QuickBuilder, allowing them to be very tightly integrated with the 5300 hardware. This makes them extremely fast and precise. And because they are embedded functions, they do not consume user variable or program step space.

PID Function Example

The PID function allows the model 5300 to precisely control temperature, pressure or flow rates. It can also be used for simple motion control applications. Multiple PID loops are solved in only a few milliseconds with full 64-bit floating point precision. QuickBuilder can support up to 256 simultaneous PID loops on a single model 5300 CPU module. In keeping with QuickBuilder’s design philosophy of providing users with powerful control functions that are easy to use, the PID function makes use of an easy to navigate property window for PID setup. When a PID loop is needed, the user simply right clicks on a controller in the QuickBuilder resource window, and then fills in the necessary parameters.