Function Return Codes by CTCCOM16.DLL

Return ValueLikely Cause
0Function failed
1Function succeeded
158Serial port in use; select another port
159Serial port not found; select another port
160Unknown serial port error
165Illegal stop-bits value; serial port settings incorrect
166Illegal word length value; serial port settings incorrect
167Illegal parity value; serial port settings incorrect
168Illegal baud rate value; serial port settings incorrect
169Serial port receive warning; check for noisy serial connection
177Serial port receive time-out; check time-out value in use
178Network/serial connection in use; close existing connection
179Unable to initialize serial port
180End of file found when not expected; corrupted object file
181Bad file position found in file; corrupted object file
182Bad file length; corrupted object file
183Bad object record; corrupted object file
184Not a DSO file; corrupted object file
185DSO file has different architecture type than destination controller
186Quickstep object (DSO) file not found
187Quickstep file (DSP, FIG, TAB, or DSO) not found
194Failed network connection; cannot access network
195Unknown remote node; controller node cannot be found on network
196Unsupported remote operation; cannot perform action over network
205Bad response protocol; message not a binary protocol message
206Bad response; message not for requested data
214Bad response length; message fails length test
215Bad response checksum; message does not pass checksum test
216Out-of-range; data requested does not exist (e.g. Flag 33)
235Network not ready; make sure network connection is in use
236Network communications time-out; check time-out value in use
246Windows timer not accessible
255Unknown network error